Friday, 30 December 2011

Searching for... Caribbean Writers!

Thanks to the geography of the Caribbean, the fact that the islands and countries are all separate nations, can mean that the novels of a Montserratian writer may be almost completely unknown in Trinidad and the novels of a Jamaican writer may be missed by those in Guyana.  It's a serious problem, not just for writers trying to promote their works to a Caribbean audience but also for lovers of Caribbean literature.

I've done some searching around on the web, however, and you might find this list from Westminster City Council and this one from East Carolina University interesting.  The trend is still usually for writers from the bigger islands and countries to get the most attention but more writers like Joanne Hillhouse of Antigua and Tiphanie Yanique of the US Virgin Islands are getting their names out there so it's all good.  Congrats to Tiphanie on being a finalist for the 2011 Bocas Prize for Caribbean Literature!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Joining the blogosphere!

Okay, lady, says I to myself, you need a blog if you intend to publish any more books. It's a great way to promote your writing and help people to get to know you, I says.  Well, I didn't have to tell me twice!  Right-O!  I jumped right in and set up both a Blogger and  Wordpress account so I could compare the two.  And the winner is...taa daaa!  Blogger, come on down!

I've done the research.  I've read the articles.  I have no doubt at all that Wordpress is best for those who are somewhat tech savvy and those who want a high degree of customization but, while I'd like the latter, right now I just want to get going, so Blogger it is!  It's way simpler to set up and, right now, it's all about the simplicity!