Thursday, 29 December 2011

Joining the blogosphere!

Okay, lady, says I to myself, you need a blog if you intend to publish any more books. It's a great way to promote your writing and help people to get to know you, I says.  Well, I didn't have to tell me twice!  Right-O!  I jumped right in and set up both a Blogger and  Wordpress account so I could compare the two.  And the winner is...taa daaa!  Blogger, come on down!

I've done the research.  I've read the articles.  I have no doubt at all that Wordpress is best for those who are somewhat tech savvy and those who want a high degree of customization but, while I'd like the latter, right now I just want to get going, so Blogger it is!  It's way simpler to set up and, right now, it's all about the simplicity!

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