Saturday, 23 June 2012

Bath - Mingling Roman and Celtic History

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I love poking about in ruins and museums and places that have been built centuries ago so when I was in England one of the places on my "must-see" list was the wonderful city of Bath.  Bath is one of those fascinating places listed by the United Nations' Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site. 

Fragment of Helios

Archaelogists believe that Celts were the ones who first settled in the area, drawn by its hot, mineral springs which are believed to have healing powers.  Never slow on the uptake when it came to settling in the best bits, the conquering Romans established the area as a spa town after driving out the Celts.  They built the complex known as Aquae Sulis, believed to have been dedicated to Minerva, the goddess of wisdom.  Minerva's bronze gilt head below was discovered in the 1700s and is displayed at the Roman Baths Museum, as is the fragment above.

The Goddess, Minerva

Me, at the pool.


  1. How interesting! Ancient artifacts always get me to thinking about the people who carved and built them.

  2. I would love to visit an ancient place like Bath. A couple of years ago, I read a rather mystical mystery set in Bath.

    Great photos! Enjoy your weekend.


    1. Bath was lovely! There was also an old church there I thought I'd taken pix of but now I can't find them.

  3. Having difficulties posting a comment.I love the photo of Minerva, with the sparkles around her. Bath is a wonderful place, with the Georgian buildings, and the Roman remains - they were such incredible engineers.

  4. This is an interesting bit of information that I didn't know but I'm not surprised about the Romans. I find the history of the Roman Empire fascinating. I could spend all day roaming through ancient ruins.

  5. Love the shot of Minerva! Thanks for sharing the photos and info - very interesting.

  6. This was such an interesting bit of history. Great shots.

  7. I hope to visit there someday. I've only been to England once, and we didn't have time to make the trip to Bath that time.

  8. Haven't been to Bath and often wondered about the name. Nice pictures of the Roman ruins.