Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Black History Month Giveaway

Today is the first day of Black History Month and I'm taking part in the Giveaway being sponsored by Reflections of a Bookaholic and Mocha Girls Read.  I don't know how many other Caribbean islands recognize, Black History Month, which was originally a US observation but, in the British Virgin Islands, one group will host a ceremony this month to remember the thousands who died on the infamous Middle Passage between Africa and the New World.  Most ceremonies to recognize our ancestors actually take place during our Emancipation Festival in August which is when we have parades and other events but I'll tell you more about that later on.

I am going to give away a copy of Dido's Prize along with a couple of extras and my rules for this Giveaway are very simple:  In the comment thread below, please give the year in which slavery was abolished by the British.  That's it!  That's all I want to know.  And yes, I will ship anywhere!

NOTE:  I am realizing from the answers that perhaps I need to word the question more carefully so -  In what year did the abolition of slavery take effect in the British colonies?  (Not the year that the act was passed and not the year the apprenticeship period ended but the actual year that the act abolishing slavery came into effect.  I hope this helps and I'm truly very sorry for the confusion.)

I'll put the names of all who got the correct answer in a hat on the 8th when the Giveaway ends and choose one.

Do take the time to visit the other participating blogs too, as I'm sure there'll be a slew of great books on offer.

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  1. my,my, do I place my answer here for all to see?

  2. Hi Sidne. Yep, right here. It's more about the raffle than who has the right answer. Of course, if you're the only one with the right answer that would make it way easy, right?! Good luck!

  3. According to World Book Online, which I accessed through my library's website:

    "A strong antislavery movement developed in the United Kingdom, led by William Wilberforce, a statesman and orator. In 1807, Parliament suppressed the slave trade. In 1833, Parliament abolished slavery throughout the British Empire, nearly 30 years before the American Civil War."

    So 1833. (sorry I'm a librarian -- providing source and context is part of the training).

    Thanks for participating in the giveaway!
    Joy's Book Blog

  4. You has a great blog and articles. Good job writing. Nice to stoping here and gives you a comment here.
    Okay, i'm waiting your comment back into my blog.

  5. Thank you for the giveaway!
    Britain passed the Abolition Act in 1833
    melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

  6. Slavery was abolished in 1833, I think. :)

    Would love to win

  7. 1833!

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)


  8. Hello everyone! Thanks for participating! Umm yes, the law was passed in 1833 but what was the year of the actual abolition? The year when slavery ceased to be legal in Britain? (After this year they went into the apprenticeship period.) Sorry, I didn't mean to make this difficult!

    Please feel free to re-enter. Good luck everybody!!!

  9. Hi Eugenia, thank for this wonderful opportunity. My answer is the year 1807. I love your blog and the cover of your novel is breathtaking.

    Have a great day.


  10. Awesome giveaway! Way to go make me look something up and learn something! My answer is 1833 with the Slavery Abolish Act.

  11. My answer is 1807, but its effects are STILL being felt all around the world!

  12. Now that I've read your comment, my answer is 1888. And still the remnants of slavery remain, felt by all.

  13. The year is 1833!

    Thanks so much.


  14. Okay, people. I really want someone to win this and nobody has given the right answer yet. Let me phrase it this way - in which year did the abolition of slavery TAKE EFFECT in the British colonies? Not the year the act was passed to abolish it and not the year the apprenticeship period ended - but in what year did abolition take effect.

    I really appreciate all the responses so far and truly, I hadn't meant for this to be a trick question. lol!

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  16. 1808

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  17. 1838( 1st augustus) only Antigua choose to abolish it completely since 1833

    thanks you a lot for this international giveaway

    all the best


  18. Thank you for the contest and giveaway! I believe it was 1838 when everything was (FINALLY) said and done! I hope I'm right!


  19. 1838, according to BBC History, Women: From Abolition to the Vote.

    Many women were also involved with Chartists in the campaign for parliamentary reform and to repeal the Corn Laws. The resulting synergy strengthened each campaign, and created the cultural climate that allowed the reformed parliament to pass the act to end slavery in the British colonies in 1833.

    "The act became law in 1834 and imposed a period of 'apprenticeship' on slaves that finished in 1838. A national women's petition was organised on behalf of the apprentices and addressed to Queen Victoria. The petition carried 700,000 signatures of women, which was described as 'unprecedented in the annals of petitioning'."

  20. and I am sure that its in your book From Field to Legislature, but I do not recall the date on my own! :0) I read an excerpt of Dido's Prize on amazon, and it sounds good!

  21. 1833, Enter me in the giveaway.