Thursday, 16 February 2012

No, Romulus!

It's Cat Thursday once again.  Cat Thursday is hosted by The True Book Addict and is a fun meme for all cat lovers.

Today my pix is of Romulus contemplating a potential snack - the lizard high up on the lattice.  Thankfully, he didn't catch it.  'Thankfully' because he likes to bring his prizes in the house which places us at odds for a few hairy but wildly entertaining minutes!


  1. Adorable! I love Tuxedo cats!

  2. I really like his name, and gorgeous markings. They are so funny when they are hunting, they look like big cats.

  3. Thanks, Kate. My daughter named him and he did look so funny there - trying to get at the lizard.

    @ Sonia - tuxedo cats - hadn't heard the term but I like it!

  4. At least yours doesn't bring rats and birds to your door. : )

  5. First off, blanket apology to all Cat Thursday-ers for another late visit from me. =O(

    Ugh, my cat, Alice, had a lizard in the house one time when we still had our house. I didn't enjoy it. I admire his determination!