Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Soundtracks are harder than you think!

I didn't really have any particular songs in mind as I wrote Jessamine but now that the novel is finished, however, and now that I am thinking about it, here are some songs I could see playing in the minds of the characters if they'd only known them.
This is the song Arabella might have heard in her head when she left Jessamine to be with Leando -

Okay - I can't think of a scene this fits but I can see it as a song Arabella and Leando would have danced to, together.

When Leando left to intercede for some of his friends, this was the song in Arabella's heart -

When Grace got off the plane, "Hot, Hot, Hot" was exactly how she felt!

Madman's Chant covers almost all the issues that made Julian decide he had to run for office so he could make St. Crescens a better place to live.

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