Thursday, 29 March 2012

Seize and Destroy!

It's Cat Thursday once again. I've missed it for a couple Thursdays but I'm back with something special.

Cat Thursday is hosted by The True Book Addict and is a fun meme for all cat lovers. Today, I'm featuring my video of Romulus playing his favorite game of attack. I rigged up a piece of elastic, hooked it into a roll and hung it from the back of a chair and he went at it, determined to subdue this unruly creation!


  1. This is a wonderful video! Thank you so much for sharing! Romulus is a really handsome little fella! And I think I am going to copy your idea and make something like that for my ladies.. Have a lovely Cat Thursday!!

  2. It's amazing how long they will play with something that really interests them. I'm sure you can imagine...Arya being a kitten still, she can worry something to death. Sometimes I have to hide it because she starts to drive me crazy. ;O)

    Romulus has gorgeous markings! Glad to have you back with us for Cat Thursday.