Monday, 30 April 2012

Get to Know St. Crescens!

St. Crescens is the fictional Caribbean island inhabited by the characters in Jessamine.  Come get to know this beautiful island in the Leeward Antilles!

Background:  Archaeologists have determined that the Siboney were the first to arive on the island of St. Crescens more than 2,000 years ago. They had apparently moved on by the time Chistopher Columbus landed on the island in 1493 because he reported meeting only the Arawak Indians who then populated the islands.  The island changed hands frequently between the Spanish, English and French  but the island came permanently into English control in the late 1600s. The island became independent in 1965. The population of St. Crescens at the last Census in 2010 was 32,000. The capital of the island, Wolverton, is on its south-western shore where the best natural harbour is located.  Previously, the economy was based on fishing and agriculture but tourism is now the island's main revenue earner.

A traditional fishing boat.
Geography: St. Crescens is a volcanic island whose highest peak, Warner Mountain, is 1, 750ft. It is named after Thomas Warner, the first governor of the Leeward Islands. The island has numerous beaches.

People and Society: The people of St. Crescens are known as St. Crescians. People of African descent make up 89% of the population, mixed 5%, whites 3% and other, including Middle Easterners, 3%.  The majority of St. Crescians are Christians - Methodists 42%, Anglicans 25%, Church of God 12%, Pentecostals 7%, Roman Catholics 4%, Hindus 3%, Muslims 2%. Five percent none or unspecified.

A religious sect marches through the capital

Government: St. Crescens became independent from Great Britain in 1965 but the Queen remained its Head of State and it joined the Commonwealth.  The island later revoked its Commonwealth status in 1983. The United People's Movement, headed by Rufus Carrington, has been the governing party for the last thirty years.  Other parties include the St. Crescens' Movement Party and the newly-formed People's National Party headed by Julian Hylton. Elections are held every four years.

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