Thursday, 21 June 2012

Digital First Read-A-Thon and Giveaway

I'm participating in the Digital First Read-a-Thon at Book Binge and offering a chance to win a copy of Jessamine.  Here's an excerpt from my guest post.

I wrote Jessamine more than ten years ago after a lovely trip to the island of St. Lucia. The character of Arabella came to me in an old church there and I put together my story folder with postcards, synopsis, character sketches, etc. in the next few months. About a year later I had my first draft which I polished and polished in between any free time I had from my regular job. When I felt it was ready I began querying agents. A few asked to see a partial. And out of those about three asked to see the entire manuscript. One called and offered representation and bubbled with excitement over the story and its prospects.

Her excitement was infectious and I truly began to believe that this might be my breakout novel. One of my novels had already been published by a small publisher and Greenwood Press had published my history of women of the BVI so I'd had some small success before. Reviewers had liked my work but I was still largely unknown. Maybe Jessamine would change that...

To read more and to enter the giveaway, please visit Book Binge!  To check new posts and giveaways on Twitter, look for #DRAT.

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