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Here Comes Trouble Blog Tour and Contest

Today I'm welcoming author Delaney Diamond to my blog as part of her Here Comes Trouble Blog Tour!  Delaney is from the neighbouring USVirgin Islands which I think is just so cool!  She's also a fabulous writer of hot, very hot, romances!  Here Comes Trouble is her latest release and is available at Amazon and all major booksellers.


4 Reasons to Love Matthew Hawthorne

Matthew Hawthorne is the hero in my most recent release, Here Comes Trouble. As the youngest of the Hawthorne brothers, he’s played the field and hasn’t exactly been good boyfriend material. However, he does have some characteristics I find attractive. I’ll tell you a bit about him and pull text from the novel to give you examples of what I mean.

He takes care of himself. I love a well-groomed man! I definitely take notice when a man dresses well and smells good. That’s Matthew. Below is what Lorena’s thinking when she sees him for the first time in months.

He always took great care with his appearance. From his weekly barbershop visits to make sure his Caesar haircut stayed low-cut and finely trimmed, to picking out the right clothes and sending them out to be cleaned and pressed. Almost everything he did was for one purpose: to capture the attention of the opposite sex. 

He’s father material. Not only does his niece adore him and get excited when he comes around, but the boys at the community center look up to him and admire him. Matthew’s not only their coach, he’s their mentor. Here’s a snippet between him and a young man at the center who wants to go to college and speaks to Matthew about his plans.

“Yeah, I’m not getting my hopes up or anything, but we figured we might as well start looking into schools…you know…in case things work out. That way I’ll know which ones to apply to.” He paused. “Did you mean it when you said you’d write me a reference letter if I need it?”

“Absolutely.” Matthew placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder and lowered his head to look him in the eye. “Whenever you’re ready, you let me know. Don’t you dare hesitate. Understand?”

The boy grinned. “Thanks, Coach.”

He’s sexy. Okay, I have a weakness for sexy men, but who doesn’t? Tall and muscular go hand-in-hand, and Matthew is both in spades.

How unfair, he looked amazing—as usual. At a few inches over six feet, he towered over the average woman and was taller than the average man. Because he regularly worked out, his hard, muscular body hadn’t changed since his college days when he played football. 

 She reminded herself she had nothing to fear from him. He was, after all, just a man. A giant of a man with a powerfully muscular physique, a strong jaw, beautifully broad nose, and smooth skin the color of espresso, but still a man. He couldn’t cause her any more pain than he already had. She wouldn’t let him.

He’s a fighter. I’m not interested in men who start fights, but I have a soft spot for men who end them.  Plus you know a man like that will protect you no matter what.

His disheveled appearance shocked her. “What happened to you?” she gasped.

A large reddish bruise marred his forehead over his left eye. His shirt was dirt stained and hanging open. The buttons seemed to have been yanked off with such a level of violence, they left only the loose threads attached. Dark red spots blotted his white, tight-fitting sleeveless undershirt, and in his hand he held a long metal pipe.

“Tell me where to find him, Lorena. We have a score to settle.” His body seemed to vibrate with unspent energy.

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On Friday, I’m having a big bash on my website with lots of giveaways, but I’m also giving away a prize today! Contest is open to international participants. Prize: an ebook of your choice of any of my books published before Here Comes Trouble.  To enter: In the comments below, tell me what characteristics you love in a man. Are yours the same as mine, or different? Deadline: You must enter no later than 11:59 PM EST today. The winner’s name will be posted in the comments below before 10 am EST tomorrow with instructions on how to claim your prizes.

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  1. Good morning, Eugenia! Thanks for being a host on my blog tour. I can't wait to find out what answers readers give to what characteristics they love in a man. Should be interesting...

    1. Hi Delaney! It's a pleasure to host you! I'm looking forward to see who wins!

  2. He's sensual , he's honest, he's lovable, he's dedicated with a side of sexy(doesn't hurt)

  3. Sensual, intelligent, funny, and devoted!


  4. characteristics of a man i like is: God fearing, gentle yet stern, family oriented, patience, a good listener.

  5. These are some great characteristics! Keep 'em coming.

  6. sweet , loving, caring, honest, patience, someone who puts your needs ahead of his , and maybe a bit devilsh wouldnt hurt. signed micheleann oboyle

  7. These are all nice qualities, Michele. Thanks for stopping in!

  8. The winner at this stop is MicheleAnn Oboyle! Congratulations! I'll be in touch.

    Thank you everyone for participating. I’ll see you tomorrow at the last stop, my website. I'm giving away a lot of prizes tomorrow, so stop by for a chance to win.

  9. Congrats, MicheleAnn!!! Enjoy your book! Those were some great qualities!

    Thanks to all who participated. Don't forget to check out Delaney's site tomorrow for some great prizes!

  10. Oh I Really Want To Read This!