Thursday, 16 August 2012

Presenting, Aisha Banks

Hi, everyone!  Please join me today in welcoming novelist, Aisha Banks.  Below is her guest post.

Aisha Banks
Aisha Banks, an alumnus of Howard University, majored in Fine Arts with emphasis on Play Writing. She is the author and director of several Christian plays. The first, “Just Let Me Live Before I Die,” was performed under the aegis of the American Writer’s Guild. Other plays include, “Herod is After Your Child,” “Family Affair,” and “The Office,” all of which were produced by church-based theatre ministries.

“UnderCaribbean Skies” and “MoonlightOver Caribbean Skies” are fictional stories drawn from the author’s observations of women and their relationships. Both novels examine the delicate issues of love, integrity, and compromise as the characters experience the inward tug-of-war between godly and worldly perspectives. These real-life dynamics are explored in a light-hearted, honest, and insightful manner, and Aisha’s novels are sure to ignite uproarious laughter, keep you turning pages, and leave you hungry for more!
 Under Caribbean SkiesMoonlight Over Caribbean Skies

 “Under Caribbean Skies” is a rich story of intricate relationships that are neatly woven together with quick dialog and vivid images. Faith and Lisa are childhood friends who have given up on the glamour and allure of Los Angeles and gone to the Virgin Islands in search of real men and true love. Both have suffered failed relationships; one with a long-term boyfriend who has an aversion to marriage, the other with an estranged husband who really prefers men.

Once in the islands, they commit to manage any new relationships God’s way. It’s not long before they find themselves working, entrenched in the island lifestyle, and being pursued by charming young men. They think they’re living a fairy tale until events threaten to disrupt their hopes and dreams, causing Faith and Lisa to wonder whether they have found enchantment or disaster Under Caribbean Skies.

“Moonlight Over Caribbean Skies” continues the captivating story. In this second installment, novelist Aisha Banks brings new depth, richness, and grit to the lives of her primary characters, and further explores the complex interrelationships of the people whose lives they touch.

Faith and Lisa are anticipating marriage to the men of their dreams. Much to their surprise,
however, Faith’s mother and two aunts who have come to investigate why Faith quit her six-figure job in Los Angeles, have now become enamored of island men themselves. The personalities of this delightful fantasy take readers from one unexpected turn to another. It’s a journey that will be long-remembered and much-enjoyed.

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