Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Edward Baugh - Caribbean poet

 The Warner-Woman

The morning shimmers in its bowl of blue crystal.
Me, underneath my mother's bed.
I delight in dust and bunnies.
Connoisseur of comics and the coolness of floorboards,
I prolong my life's long morning.

But the blue sky broke.  The warner-woman,
bell-mouthed and biblical
she trumpeted out of the hills,
prophet of doom, prophet of God,
breeze-blow and earthquake,
tidal wave and flood.

I crouched. I cowered.  I remembered Port Royal.
I could see the waters of East Harbour rise.
I saw them heave Caneside bridge.  Dear God,
don't make me die, not now, not yet...

Edward Baugh

Edward Baugh

FROM WIKIPEDIA - Edward Alston Cecil Baugh (born 10 January 1936) is a Jamaican poet and scholar.  He was born in Port Antonio, Jamaica, and began writing poetry at Titchfield High School. He won a scholarship to study English literature at the University College of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica, and later did his postgraduate studies at Queen's University in Ontario and the University of Manchester, where he earned a Ph.D. in 1964. He taught at the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies from 1965 to 1967, then at the university's Mona campus from 1968 to 2001, eventually being appointed professor of English in 1978 and public orator in 1985.

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  1. The poem went so unexpectedly from warmth and sunshine to disaster. That's so often the way it happens.