Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Caribbean poetry, Jean Binta Breeze

lovin wasn easy

lovin wasn easy all de time
but nat easy
some a de time...

...wasn easy at all
cep wen
eena de tear up tent
a we blanket
jine wid we glue
we use to watch mawnin star
troo de hole
inna de bamboo shack

an now
ah sad
wen a look back  - Jean Binta Breeze

Jean "Binta" Breeze, MBE, (born 1956) is a Jamaican dub poet, and storyteller. She has worked also as a theatre director, choreographer, actor and teacher. She has performed her work around the world, in the Caribbean, North America, Europe, South-East Asia and Africa, and been called "one of the most important, influential performance poets of recent years."  From Wikipedia.


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