Saturday, 2 March 2013

Sepia Saturday - 2nd March, 2013

Today, Sepia Saturday is going with a worker's theme (or boxes or paper or machines) so I thought I'd go with the workers.  Below is an old postcard from the Aguada Water Works in Cuba.  The card probably belonged to my father who grew up in Cuba and returned for a period of time when he was an adult.


  1. Wow, this is a great photo, and it strikes me just how deep a person could travel with a theme about water works. It has been in our lives a long time and will continue to be there and if it weren't- oh gee, don't even want to comment on that! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. It looks like they are standing in front of a barbed wire fence that surrounds a small garden with a pergola style gazebo. The tree on the right is oddly cut. A fruit tree perhaps?

    1. Almond trees sometimes grow like that but it's hard to tell at this distance.

  3. The format of the postcard looks very similar to those being produced in the UK and Europe in the re-First World War period. The women's dresses look to me to be from a similar period. Thanks for sharing this interesting view.

  4. It is the fact that such an image ends up as a postcard that is so fascinating. Dating from a time when photographic images were scarce and sharing them said such a lot about the people sending and taking such photographs. Today we live in such an image-rich society, we can't afford to search for meaning in them anymore.

  5. I was struck by the thought that photos of workers often show workers not working. Lining up for the photo probably provided a welcome break from work.

    As a postcard collector, I prefer seeing people in the images. The water works would not be very interesting without the people.

  6. Great Photo Eugenia! You Cuban! I visited the Country in 1997.A wonderful place+wonderful people.