Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Baobab Tree and Me

In the configuration of a baobab tree
Seen on a 21 inch teevee screen
I find runes to puzzle my waking in this new world dawn
Waves of shivering heat distort my sight
Taunt my understanding of this land
Where discovery happened twice
And old diseases and new hatreds sent ancient peoples to unmarked graves
Where the salt of my ancestors' sweat seeded the ground to rise again in lush sweetness

A recurring genetic imprint confirms ties still unsundered
By tropic heat and nautical miles

And now, in this time, the greed of kith and kin
Asserts itself in the onslaught of bulldozers and concrete mixers, creating new air-
conditioned jungles to house savage predators
Fashioning, with stroke of pen and ringing "ayes," novel
Oppressions for brothers and sisters still out in lava-hot fields

The voiceless
Feathered, furred, scaled, with and without body hair
Are pushed to join others now forgotten who stood small and sacrifically in the way of PROGRESS

None of this is televised on my teevee
Instead, all of it is caught on the retinas
A knowing of blood and flesh
Seeing. Remembering.


  1. Your writing is filled with vital sketches of landscapes across our land, under our feet and within our thoughts and beautifully upon our souls, a beautiful piece, much like the vast rich, magical beauty of the Baobab tree.

  2. Thanks, Karen! Glad you liked it! I wrote this not just years, but decades ago and dug it out recently when I was looking for something else.