Sunday, 18 August 2013

BVI's New Hospital in the Making

Our new hospital has been a long time coming but everything seems on track to bring it to completion by the end of September! Yay!  The new hospital will be a state-of-the-art facility with the latest equipment and will also bring us some significant innovations in terms of patient care.  Our old Peebles Hospital has only one surgery room but the new hospital will have three. There will also be a full mental ward with seven rooms and, if you need, physical therapy there will be a whole array of services offered, including a plunge pool.

The rather impressive lobby area where the names of benefactors will be prominently displayed.
Project Manager, Shaina Smith, in one of the three surgery rooms which are almost completed.

A room on what will be the Medical Ward

The new kitchen area. The cafeteria will also be open to the public as an additional revenue earner.

Minister for Health and Welfare, Hon. Ronnie Skelton, discusses hospital operations with backbenchers Hon. Archie Christian and Hon. Marlon Penn. (Not pictured but also present was Hon. Delores Christopher.)

A nursing station


  1. How wonderful Eugenia. this is something your community will absolutely love I'm sure. Well done on your municipal leaders for getting down to it to. And the benefectors well what can we say....May God just bless them beyond measure.

    1. Truly, the community can hardly wait for it to become operational! Good hearing from you, Wendy. Hope all is well with the baby, etc.

  2. Were you an official journalist at the site? Progress, such as a new hospital, is always a good thing. It will benefit the whole community.

    1. Hi - no, just got lucky enough to be invited along. We're all looking to it being finished.