Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Book So Deep

Book So Deep

de beat goes on
and de never ending river
of degree hungry people
flushin down
rushin down
thru dis valley of madness
see deam people
course riding
and hiding
from reality
in de shadows of success

de beat goes on
and on in UWI
because all ah we
get sentence
to four years hard labour
three years good behaviour
in dis concentration camp

 and I is just ah prisoner
just ah prisoner
in dis penal colony
behind de barb wire
of mental agony

Book So Deep

it left meh in ah daze
tryin to find meh way
outa dis maze...

             by Brother Resistance, Trinidad and Tobago in VoicePrint ed. by Stewart Brown, et al

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  1. This is a beautiful spoken word :)