Reviews for Jessamine

From APOOO Literary Book Reviews

The riveting storylines, well-defined characters, realistic drama and the excellent balance between the past and present makes for a fascinating read.

I recommend this book to readers looking for a delightful adventure romance along with historical backdrop blended with mystery and a hint of the paranormal.

From RAW Sistaz Reviewers

I truly enjoyed reading JESSAMINE. Ms. O'Neal's eloquent, vivid descriptions of the characters and the Caribbean made this story such a pleasure to read. The transitioning of the past to the present of Arabella to Grace was effortless. Although both were great characters, I found myself more engrossed with Arabella's story. The gripping historical moments was the backdrop for JESSAMINE which held me captive to the end of the story.

Reviews for Dido's Prize

From RT Book Reviews

O'Neal pens an exciting, fast-paced story with runaway slaves, swashbuckling pirates and a slave uprising. The main protagonists have a wonderful chemistry, and the supporting characters are well thought out.

From The Romance Readers Connection

Ms. O'Neal's portrait of love on the seas during slavery times has a lot of action packed between the pages. Dido plans for freedom were suddenly changed and it all began because she felt she had been cheated. That strong urge led her to meet the man that not only helped her get free, but captured her heart as well. This is truly a romantic story of following one's mind and heart.

From The Jamaica Gleaner

Dido's Prize is an entertaining historical romance novel about a young female slave on a plantation in Jamaica in the 17th century. She runs away from the plantation and, disguised as a young man, joins Henry Morgan's fleet.

The tale begins with high drama. Dido, the young woman, is assaulted by a group of men, two whites and a black, as she walks down an alley off King Street. Dido, with the fine, smooth skin of the Yoruba and eyes big like a child's, holds herself "like a finely cracked vessel afraid of breaking." She was "closed to men" because she had been abused by the slave-owner from the time she was eight years old.

El Negro

But just when the men would have their way with her, she is rescued by the elegantly attired pirate captain, El Negro. He is a handsome man who is as black as coal and who sails the seas as a free man in the 17th century seeking treasure with the Brethren of the Coast.

Dido's desire is to buy her own freedom and find a way to buy her family's freedom as well. With this in mind she has been saving her money to pay Missus Sarah, her owner, an agreed price. But Missus Sarah goes back on her word and confiscates the money Dido has been saving.

Dido is upset and shortly after the incident she learns that Old Philippa, an elderly slave beloved by the other slaves on the Beeston's Estate property, had been taken from the estate and left in Port Royal to live off the streets. Two young children of another female slave, Duchess, had also been taken from their mother. The new information upsets her even more and she impulsively decides to run away from Beeston's Estate.

Dido escapes from the plantation and, disguised as a boy, enrolls herself as Domingo Freeman on the ship Fortune's Gift.

At this point, the drama begins to unfold, because the captain of the ship is none other than El Negro, the pirate who had rescued her some months earlier.

How will Dido manage on a ship where there are 60 or so men on-board? Will anyone realise that she is female?

The mix of action and romance, suffering and joy, bravery and cowardice, pain and happiness makes Dido's Prize an interesting read.

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Reviews for Just an Affair

From RT Book Reviews

If one is looking for an outstanding, perfectly paced story, with well-written and well-defined characters, then JUST AN AFFAIR is the perfect book.
We meet Caryl Walker, captain of a luxury "yacht-for-hire," near the picturesque British Virgin Islands. Her crew is comprised of husband and wife Noel and Patty Richardson. When good-looking and extremely confident Joshua Tain boards the ship, Caryl goes on full alert. After her disastrous affair with a married attorney caused her to give up practicing law in New York, the last thing she wants is to find herself in a similar situation...

From RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Using the Virgin Islands as its backdrop, JUST AN AFFAIR is a love story about putting it all back together after being hurt and humiliated. Caryl Walker is an attorney turned sea captain trying to escape the trauma of an affair gone bad with a married man. Having put that relationship behind her and vowing herself to a year of celibacy, Caryl's life takes an unexpected turn when she meets the handsome and successful Joshua Tain just weeks before her year is up. Joshua is in the Virgin Islands taking a much-needed break from the manipulative dealings of a corporate raider trying to take over his company. His itinerary puts him on the Elendil, a chartered boat on which Caryl is the captain. As she takes him on a tour of the Islands, they become infatuated with each other, making her vow of celibacy hard to continue...

Eugenia O'Neal has constructed an interesting tale of love about a protagonist in a non-traditional role and she's managed to lace the novel with some of the environmental and social concerns of the Virgin Islands. She's created an interesting cast of well-developed characters, each contributing a unique twist to the story. I enjoyed this well-rounded novel for its tender view of love conquering all and making me aware of the societal issues prevalent in many countries and not just my own neighborhood.


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